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NubesGen is an Open Source project and we are always looking for feedbacks and contributions.

Supported platforms

Docker logo .NET logo Java logo Node.js
                                logo Python
                                logo Spring
                                Boot logo Quarkus
                                logo Micronaut

Create a new infrastructure

Infrastructure as Code tool
Project name *

We will use this name to generate your resource names. Make it short. All spaces will be replaced by dashes.

We will use slug in resources names.

Application type

Azure Application Service logo
Web Application

Azure App Service

Supports Docker, Java (including Spring Boot, Quarkus, Micronaut), .NET, Node.js, Python applications.

Select your framework:

Azure Functions logo
Serverless Application

Azure Functions

Supports Java, Spring Boot, .NET, Node.js functions.

Select your framework:

Azure Container Apps logo
Containerized apps

Azure Container Apps

Scales to zero.

Select your framework:

Azure Spring Apps logo
Spring Boot Application

Azure Spring Apps

Supports Spring Boot.

Select your framework:

App size


For development and hobbyist projects

Shared compute
Free SSL

For dedicated dev/test

Dedicated compute
Free SSL
Map your custom domain

Run production workloads

Dedicated compute
Free SSL
Map your custom domain
Supports Auto Scale

Scale automatically and per-second billing

First 1 million requests per month free
Automatic scale
Support custom domain
Free SSL

For most businesses that want to optimize the web series

No cold start
Automatic scale
Support custom domain
Free SSL

For dedicated dev/test

Dedicated compute
Max app instance size 1vCPU, 2GB
Up to 25 instances

Run production workloads

Dedicated compute
Max app instance size 4vCPU, 8GB
Up to 500 instances
Custom domains/SSL
VNET integration
Blue/Green deployment
Default Plan

Scale to Zero
As small as 0.25 vCPU and 0.5 Gib
Single and multi-container support
No database

You can still use an existing database in your subscription.

Azure SQL Database logo
Azure SQL Database

Managed, intelligent SQL in the cloud

Azure Database for PostgreSQL logo
Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Fully managed, intelligent and scalable PostgreSQL

Azure Database for MySQL logo
Azure Database for MySQL

Fully managed, scalable MySQL database

Database size


For development and small applications

5 Gb included, up to 4Tb
Auto-shutdown after 1 hour. Autorestart on first query.
General purpose

For most workloads

2 vCore and 10.2 Gb of Memory
5Gb of storage, up to 4Tb
99,99% SLA

For workloads requiring light compute and I/O performance

1 vCore and 2GiB Memory
Up to 16Tb of storage
Included PITR backups
99,9% SLA
General Purpose

For most business workloads

2 vCores and 8GiB Memory
Up to 16 Tb of storage
Included PITR backups
99,99% SLA with High Availability
Network configuration logo
Network configuration

Use either a public network (default option), or a dedicated virtual network (VNet) for increased security.

VNet support is currently in preview with NubesGen.

Select your configuration:

For now, NubesGen only supports public network with Azure Container Apps.

cURL with Bash
Azure-managed encryption at rest
Basic DDOS Protection
Infrastructure as Code
Reusable modules Service-based modules that you can tailor or reuse as you wish
CAF naming convention All resources implement a basic naming convention, based on Cloud Adoption Framework recommendations.
Multi-environment support Easily deploy infrastructure to multiple environments: dev, test, integration, production, ...